What makes
Hourbike your ideal
bike share partner?


Hourbike has been designing, implementing and installing successful community bike share schemes for 15 years.

We’re proud to have partnered the creation of the BTN BikeShare scheme in Brighton and Hove, now the most successful UK bike share system outside London.

We’ve successfully installed schemes with 50 – 1,000 bikes


Our team has extensive experience of meeting the requirements of local authorities, large and small. We understand and can navigate even the most complex systems and processes to help you achieve success. And we are fully insured.


We have long-term relationships with a wide range of suppliers covering all aspects of planning, design, build, delivery and maintenance of your bike share system.

We’re not tied to any supplier, so we’re free to choose the best ones for your scheme and to source and use local talent.


Hourbike schemes are built around the very latest electric and pedal bike technology, giving you low maintenance and high reliability. Safety and security are fully integrated. Your scheme is also supported by premium analytics and back-end management systems.


We offer a range of scheme options, from fixed-hub to dockless or a hybrid of the two. Our stands are a bolt-together design, making them easier to locate and avoiding the need for expensive or intrusive infrastructure development.

Being able to offer a reliable dockless option to users also makes the scheme flexible and easier to use.


We provide you with in-depth data and analysis of your scheme’s usage, to help you monitor and assess your bike share investment. Using this evidence, a number of our clients have been able to demonstrate and build on their success.


We have experienced technical teams supporting our schemes throughout the UK. Our in-house, dedicated contact centre can also provide friendly and efficient customer support, seven days a week.

Locally minded

We’re not after the glory. All branding opportunities are yours, so you can develop a recognisably local service that people are inspired to use and support.