How we help get your
bike share on the road

Your bespoke solution

We don’t do ‘off the shelf’. We collaborate closely with you to design, implement and operate a tailormade, cost-effective bike share scheme that answers the unique needs of your community.

And we keep it local. From planning hub locations to designing street furniture, we always choose local specialists and suppliers where we can.

Your bikes

We supply and install your bike share system to match your tailored strategy. This may include pedal or electric bikes or a combination of the two. Cycle hubs can be docked, dockless or a hybrid model.

Whatever combination works best for your community, you will be using the very latest bike share technology, delivering high reliability and performance, and low maintenance. Our modular, easy-to-install hub system also saves on the need for expensive infrastructure investment.

Your branding

This isn’t about us, it’s about you. That’s why an Hourbike scheme enables you to brand all your bike share hardware and software to reflect your community.

This approach encourages a sense of local pride and ownership, so your scheme is well-used and cared for. You also have the option to generate extra income by offering local scheme sponsorship.

Your customers

Keeping your users happy is essential for the success of your bike share scheme. We offer an experienced, flexible and highly cost-efficient contact centre to support your customers by phone or email, seven days a week, at the times you choose.

Your support

For your scheme to run smoothly it has to be well maintained. We offer expert and flexible support options throughout the UK, from recruiting, training and installing a local team, to partnering with local suppliers or training your in-house crew.

Our sophisticated maintenance management system makes sure all the wheels of your scheme keep turning without a hitch.

Your return

It’s best to think of a bike scheme as an investment in your public transport infrastructure rather than a revenue generator.

That said, a successful, well-used scheme can break even on its monthly operating costs and may generate a profit some months. But subsidies should be allowed for over the lifetime of a scheme.

Looking at the bigger picture, there are other cost benefits to consider, such as measurable savings on healthcare expenditure and a better environment for your local economy.


The BTN BikeShare scheme generated a benefit cost ratio of 7.5:1