We understand the challenges local authorities face and have the expertise to help you meet them

A well-planned, well-executed bike share scheme can bring enormous environmental, health and cost benefits to your local community.

We’ve helped local authorities of all sizes achieve tremendous, sustainable results – and we can do the same for you.

Hourbike works in close partnership with you to deliver bespoke bike sharing that puts your community first and helps tackle some of its most pressing problems.

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Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat in the UK, causing severe health problems such as heart disease, lung cancer and asthma. Meanwhile, traffic congestion costs the British economy billions of pounds annually.


Reducing our carbon footprint is critical to combating climate change. In response, more and more local authorities are declaring climate emergencies and committing to becoming carbon neutral.

Public health

Over the past 50 years, the way we live and work has significantly reduced physical activity in our lives. Today, this inactivity costs the NHS around £1 billion a year and is linked to 1 in 6 deaths in our communities.

Local economy

Heavily congested roads make it harder for local businesses to thrive and for communities to attract tourism.

How an Hourbike scheme helps

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An Hourbike bike share scheme makes cycling easily accessible, encouraging more people to leave the car at home.

Bike share is faster and less expensive for users than other modes of transport over a 30-minute (or 4km) range.

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Getting more people on bikes reduces car journeys, pollution and traffic congestion.

In Shanghai, bike share schemes slashed CO2 emissions by 25,240 tons in 2016.

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Regular exercise improves mental health and physical
wellbeing and takes the pressure off the NHS.

Brighton and Hove’s BikeShare scheme has generated over £500,000 in health benefits for the city so far.

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Fewer cars on the road helps your local community become
more attractive to tourists and makes it easier for people to
support local businesses

Bike share trips added £5.4 million to the UK economy in 2015.

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An Hourbike system provides direct local employment
opportunities, while bike sharing can create significant returns for communities and local councils.

The Department of Transport calculates a return on
investment for bike sharing of 5:1 to 19:1.

“The team at Hourbike were down to earth, helpful and calm. They understood how the council worked and felt like an ally, which was great. It’s an awesome scheme and very well used.”

Abby Hone
BTNBikeShare Contract Manager